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A Victus Coffee light roast bag with a red solid background
The Victus Coffee Veloce light roast bag on a white table and black background

Veloce - Light Roast Blend

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Boasting an intensely aromatic experience with sweet chocolatey and fruity notes our light roast blend, Veloce, offers a delightful sweetness, medium body, and lingering finish. With such decadent flavors, you'll have a hard time saying no to a second or third cup each morning.

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Why Subscribe?

  • Fully customizable subscriptions — Every subscriber receives a personalized portal where you can update your subscription delivery schedule, quantity, and blends anytime. Or, set it on auto-pilot and brew away!

  • Exclusive discounts — Only Victus Coffee subscribers gain access to coffee discounts.

  • Subscribers only access — Be the first to get your hands on new Victus Coffee merchandise, events, and content.

  • Give back to great causes with every cup you brew! — Transform every morning into a way to help others. It's that easy.

    We pledge a portion of proceeds from each bag of Veloce to great causes locally and globally. It's easy to do your part to help others by subscribing to great coffee.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Always a Treat

    I look forward to my first cup of coffee each and every morning. Since starting my monthly subscription with Victus, that joy each day has only grown!
    Thank you to the Victus team for a wonderful product.

    Marc Rigatti
    Fruity goodness!

    The first time I had this roast it was possibly the best I’ve ever had. Fruit and berry notes were strong and up front. My second experience was much more mild. I’m not sure what is different this time, but it’s why I chose 4 vs 5 rating.

    Kyle Zuluaga
    New buyer

    Excellent coffee!!! I got the order very quickly and it tastes amazing every time

    Jane Curley
    Thank you!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Victus Coffee!

    Jody Lemoi
    Really nice flavor!

    Great job, this is delicious. Has a nice fruity flavor. Will definitely buy again. Can't wait to try the other roasts!

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