Our Mission

We pledge $2 from each bag to great causes, both locally and globally. 

We work hard to produce amazing specialty coffee for those who love it and combine our craft with extraordinary partners to further great social causes. Our coffee stands on its own, but our philanthropic efforts will make your daily cup of coffee something to be proud of.



Victus Coffee is made with specialty grade coffee from East Africa and Central/ South America. Our team is made up of specialty coffee professionals with a passion for their craft.


From sourcing to roasting to tasting, we take pride in our coffee & commitment to providing you with the best cup possible. We’ll focus on the coffee, you focus on fueling your purpose!


No matter if you crave the sweet fruity flavors from a light roast or the hearty chocolate notes from a dark roast, we’ve got a Victus Coffee blend that’ll quickly become your go-to coffee.


Our team works endlessly to ensure that every Victus Coffee blend is full of the exceptional flavors you want and expect from your daily cup of coffee.

In 2015...

Victus Coffee was born from a love of specialty coffee, a deep rooted respect for endurance athletes, and a desire to give back.

After watching a moving documentary about Team Rwanda Cycling, José René Martínez, master coffee roaster and Victus Coffee co-owner, was inspired to use his talents to help the athletes and the Rwandan community. Thus, Victus Coffee was created.

Today, the Victus Coffee mission has expanded to support all forms of wellness, from fitness and nutrition to mental health advocacy. 

Your Victus Coffee subscription makes this possible.

What We've Achieved

We’ve been honored to support multiple great causes with our great coffee. Here’s what we’ve accomplished so far:

During the global pandemic, Victus Coffee donated 200+ bags ($3,600) of coffee to Connecticut’s Foodshare program.

Since 2017, Victus Coffee has committed $5,000+ to support Team Africa Rising’s youth, women, and men’s cycling development programs.

In 2019, we launched an ambassador program to continue spreading awareness of the Victus Coffee mission.

Since 2018, Victus Coffee has committed $4,500+ to CCAP and their efforts to promote youth cycling in CT.

Victus Coffee has partnered with the HORST Engineering Masters Cycling Team since the 2018 amateur cycling season.

Victus Coffee participated in the US National Cyclocross Competition in 2018. Proceeds of its sales were donated to the CT Cycling Advancement Project.

How You Can Help

Every purchase of Victus Coffee works to support great causes around the world. Signing up for a coffee subscription is the best way to help us continue our mission.