Fuel Your Purpose

Interview Series

Caroline O’Dwyer

Cycling, Music, Coffee, and Chasing the Flow State

From a distance, Caroline O’Dwyer’s interests—singing, cycling, yoga, and coffee—don’t have an obvious alignment. But, as you dissect each passion and learn her story, the connection becomes evident: seeking out the flow state.

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Steph Blozy

Fostering Community One Run at a Time

On the surface, Fleet Feet may look like other athletic goods franchises. But, spend more than two minutes in the store and you’ll realize just how beloved the store is to the Connecticut running community. And that's all thanks to the work of Steph Blozy.

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Chion Wolf

Sharing the Stories of Others While Crafting Her Own

If you live in Connecticut and listen to CT Public Radio, Chion Wolf needs no introduction. It’s one thing to listen to Chion on the radio. It’s another to sit and have a conversation with her—over coffee, of course.

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