Victus Ambassadors

Our ambassadors help share the Victus Coffee mission through their respective endurance sport, art form, or cause. Beyond their love of coffee, our ambassadors are wonderful people making great strides for their communities.

Ben Wolfe

Victus Ambassador

"There is no better joy than the freedom of two-wheeled adventuring. The adventure under your own power opens up endless possibilities for creating memories and bringing a smile to your face. So fill that coffee cup all the way up, and get out there!"

Tony Membrino Jr.

Victus Ambassador

Hailing from the New England racing Membrino family, Tony Membrino Jr. races #44 in the SK Modified NASCAR division at the Stafford Motor Speedway. Tony's admirable spirit, unwavering drive toward excellence, and love of community embody the VICTUS ethos and mission.

Caroline O'Dwyer

Victus Ambassador

Caroline is an elite road cyclist based in Coventry, Connecticut. When she's not riding or racing her bike, you can find her pursuing her other passions: singing, baking sourdough bread, hosting dinners for friends and family, teaching yoga, and traveling with her husband Steve. In May 2021, Caroline earned her Doctoral Degree in Music from the University of Connecticut. She is on the voice faculty at the University of Rhode Island and the Pomfret School. To learn more about Caroline, please visit (Photo by Katie Busick).

Roy Smith

Victus Ambassador

Roy Smith is a nationally-ranked ATP tennis player from Connecticut. Prior to going pro, Roy played for the Baylor University Bears where he led all freshmen in singles victories.

Arthur Rogers

Victus Ambassador

Arthur Rogers was born & raised in London, England and is now playing professional soccer for Hartford Athletic in Connecticut. 

“Do today what others won’t, so tomorrow you can do what others can’t.”

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